Monday, November 19, 2012

Champions Series Tennis Match

I've been a tennis fan for many, many years.  Going to Wimbledon and the US Open are two experiences I'll never forget, and this past weekend I got to add a couple other matches to my memory bank.  While they weren't quite as spectacular as seeing Grand Slam matches, they were fun because the players were legends who I grew up watching.  The main reason I bought the tickets, of course, was because Andre Agassi would be there!  I've idolized him since the first day I picked up a racket.  His return of serve is arguably the best the sport has ever seen, and I always strove to mimic his style when I played. 

The matches were competitive, but the players didn't pass up the opportunity to talk crap to each other or joke around with the fans and ball kids.  It was definitely a more relaxed atmosphere than a typical professional match, and that just enhanced the experience.  The first semifinal was between Jim Courier and Michael Chang.  The second semifinal was between Andre Agassi and John McEnroe.  The winner of each met in the finals, so it was Courier vs. Agassi.  That was definitely the best match-up of the night because the guys really got to pound the groundstrokes.  For a couple of 42 year olds, they sure still know how to put pace on the ball, not to mention they're still in amazing shape!  Agassi ended up victorious, so that was the icing on the cake for me.  I wish I had remembered to bring our fancy camera, because the pics from my Iphone are pretty crappy:


 McEnroe (who actually mooned Agassi after one point)

 our vantage point for all the matches



Interviewing the winner

We had a great time watching these legends play, but I think the best part of the night was the kick-ass tshirt we found at the merchandise booth.  There probably aren't a lot of people these days who will understand this shirt when I wear it, but if you do, you are awesome.

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