Sunday, November 4, 2012

Cheering for the 3 Day

The 3-Day walkers passed by my sister's house again this year on the first day of their journey, so Dutch and I went out to cheer them on.  My sister and her neighbors set up tables in their yards with various goodies (kleenex, cookies, candy, bottled water, etc) and made lots of signs of support.  It's so rewarding to cheer the walkers on, and to think about the sacrifices they're making to try and find a cure.  It's a good reminder that we're all in this together. 

I dressed Dutch in his Komen onesie and draped a pink tie around him.  He loved seeing all the people and I get the feeling the walkers enjoyed seeing his smiling face as well.

By the time the last walker had passed, he was tuckered out!  Oma's lap was a good spot for a nap.

I've cheered and/or volunteered at the 3-Day for the past few years, and the best part has always been seeing and congratulating our friends Hank, Sarah, Rachel, and Becca.  They signed up for the first time the year their wife/mom was diagnosed (and she actually passed away two months before that walk), and have continued to walk each year since then.  It's an emotional experience for them, and I promise to support them every year they do it.


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