Sunday, April 22, 2012

Back to Reality

I decided to sign up for my old high school's annual 5K this past Saturday.  The problem was, I signed up just a week in advance, without having done any type of running to prepare.  The last time I ran was like 10+ months ago!  Bad move.  Two of my besties from high school signed up with me, and of course they are like the most fit ladies I know!  They both are avid runners, so I knew I'd be in trouble.  I made two attempts to run on the treadmill last week in preparation, but I only made it about a mile each time, which included walking a little halfway through.  The race path took us through the neighborhood surrounding the school, and there was no shortage of hills!  Basically, I did horribly.  I had to stop and walk numerous times, and the hills killed me.  I was so embarrassed with my stamina, or lack thereof.  I know I'm only 2 weeks into being cleared for exercise, but I still thought my previous athletic abilities would shine through a little.  I also thought since I have already lost 35 of the 45 pounds I gained in pregnancy, I would miraculously be close to being back in shape.  I guess the c-section and lack of exercise for so long really set me back.  I felt discouraged, but I figured this was the push I needed to do something about it.  My sister participates in a baby boot camp a few days a week, and she had asked me previously to accompany her.  I had declined in the past because it's at 9am, and mornings aren't always easy in my household.  But, after having seen what poor shape I'm currently in, I'm going to suck it up and make it work!  So, baby boot camp, here I come! 

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Unknown said...

Don't get down on yourself! Just not running a few weeks in a row can make running again hard. You did amazingly well considering you were just cleared and you felt ambitious enough to try. You'll get back in shape in not time! Just be sure to give your body rest if it needs it! You are a new mom after all!

Congrats on the 5k, even if you walked some. You're still a rock star!