Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Dutch's First Trip to Amarillo

Meezy and I packed up the munchkin and headed to Amarillo last weekend so Dutch could meet some of his family members and visit again with the ones he's already met.  We headed out around 7:30am on Saturday morning for the 350 mile journey.  It normally takes us about 5.5 hours, but we figured it would take much longer with a 7 week old in tow.  Much to our surprise, we only had to make one stop for a feeding and diaper changing, and we still got there in the same time as normal.  It was awesome!  He slept most of the way, which is great during the drive, but not so great for the rest of the day.  Poor guy just couldn't adjust well to the change in his schedule and ended up being a little fussy for the rest of the day.  I know we're lucky because "fussy" to us just means a little whiny and not wanting to be put down.  It doesn't mean wailing or uncontrollable crying.  And, considering how many family members wanted to hold him, it really wasn't that bad because he never was put down!  He took catnaps here and there, but didn't get in a good 2-3 hour nap in the afternoon like he normally does at home.  Luckily that didn't affect him at bedtime, and he only fought for 30-ish minutes before finally giving in to sleep for the night.  We spent Sunday visiting with family again, and the fussiness was still there, but it didn't affect the visit.  By the end of the day, though, we could tell he was exhausted.  We had planned to stay another night and depart on Monday, but when we saw how much our little guy just wanted to sleep, we figured it was best to hit the road and let him get his good sleep in the car. That way we could return to a normal schedule on Monday at home.  We left Amarillo around 9pm, and he slept for 4 hours straight!  If we hadn't needed to stop for gas, he might've made it all the way home without waking up.  I changed and fed him at the gas station, and then he slept again for the last 1.5 hours.  I'm glad we did it that way, even though we arrived home at 2:30am, because he got the sweet relief of sleep in the car, and still went back to sleep for a couple more hours once we got home.  Here are some pics from our fun weekend:

Meezy and his mini-me

My sweet boy

So kissable

My little buddy

Napping on his uncle Josh

Dutch's cousin Emma

Daddies on stroller duty

Napping on his Oma

Meeting his Opa

Killing me with the cuteness


Dutch's cousin KC

Hugs from Mamaw

Aunt Felicia

Smiling at his Aunt Felicia

Checking out his Uncle Cary

Taking a break with Dad

Happy boy on Aunt Michal-ann's shoulder

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