Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Day in the Life

My life feels incredibly hectic these days, so I decided to keep track of everything I did over a 24-hour period.  I started the log at 9:30pm on Sunday night.  Here's a day in the life of a working mom, with a newborn:

9:30pm - Call to Client S about game plan for listing; Meezy keeps Dutch occupied during this time
10:00pm - work on getting Dutch to bed for the night
10:30pm - Dutch is asleep; call to client M about contract on her house
11:30pm - catch up on emails, get ready for bed
12:00am - I sleep
4:00am - Dutch wakes up for feeding/diaper change; I let dogs out for bathroom break and then rock Dutch back to sleep
4:30am - I sleep
7:15am - Dutch wakes up for feeding/diaper change; I try to lay in bed with him and snooze for a little longer
8:00am - catch up on emails; phone call with client M
9:00am - put Dutch in his bouncer seat to chill while I get ready for the day
10:00am - work on contract for client M
10:30am - put Dutch down for a nap; babysitter arrives
11:00am - head out for meeting nearby regarding client K's property
11:30am - back at home; randomly saw that the Budweiser Clydesdales were in my neighborhood. Weird!

11:45am - babysitter leaves; Dutch wakes up for feeding; we go on a walk
12:30pm - got docs I had been waiting on for client M; conversed with client K
1:00pm - ate lunch
1:30pm - Dutch is fussy and needy, so I hold him, rock him, walk around with him for an hour
2:30pm - put Dutch down for a nap; work on CPE for my CPA license
3:20pm - Dutch wakes up and I feed him and we have play time together
4:30pm - phone call regarding client M; review feedback for showings on client S house; catch up on emails
5:00pm - put Dutch down for a nap; ride the stationery bike while taking a call regarding client S; text with client MC; answer emails regarding client M
5:30pm - Dutch wakes up; feed him, and he wants to be held; make a phone call to our alarm company with a question
6:15pm - phone call with bff while walking around with Dutch b/c he still doesn't want to be put down
7:10pm - Meezy gets home
7:30pm - Dutch finally gives in and goes down for a quick nap; Meezy and I catch up on our day
8:00pm - Dutch wakes up; we eat dinner; watch some TV
8:45pm - give Dutch a bath and feed him
9:30pm - Dutch is asleep; start working on CPE again; watch some TV

Anytime that Dutch isn't napping or sleeping, he's probably on my shoulder or sitting in my lap.  Sometimes that makes it hard to take phone calls or work on the computer, but this is the reality!  I'm pretty tired at the end of each day, but I'm honestly surprised that I'm not exhausted at the end of each day.  I guess you get kind of used to it when you do it for a couple months.  It doesn't look like I have time to add anything else into the schedule, but I'm about to start going to baby boot camp a couple times a week, and play football one night a week.  We'll see if the exhaustion kicks in! 

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