Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dinner Ideas

I've started to get into pinterest a little bit lately.  I'm not so great at posting my own pins, but I like to peruse what other people are posting and get ideas from them.  There's lots of recipes shared on the site every day, so I decided to grab a couple and attempt them for dinner tonight.  I tried Slow Cooker Chicken Parmesan with Penne Pasta and Easy Parmesan Knots.


 Chicken Parmesan - instead of plain bread crumbs and separate Italian seasoning, I just used Italian seasoned bread crumbs; even at low temp, mine didn't need to set in the slow cooker for more than 4 hours.  I noticed that the bread crumbs didn't stay on the chicken very well, but since they ended up being all in the mix, you still got the flavor.  It tasted pretty good on top of the penne pasta.

Parmesan Knots - these were super easy to make; make sure to brush the topping mixture over a lot of the biscuit, otherwise you won't get a lot of the flavor; it helps to put them back in the oven for just a couple minutes after brushing, so that the topping bakes in.  These were quite delicious! 

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