Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I Got My Stitch Fix

I've had a couple of friends tell me about Stitch Fix over the past couple of months, and I finally got around to giving it a shot.  It's a neat concept - you tell the website all of your sizes and style preferences, and they send you five items to try out. You can tell them if you prefer dresses over jeans, or necklaces over earrings, etc. You really do customize it. But, then it's a complete surprise what exact items are coming, so that adds to the fun of it. You pay a $20 styling fee upon shipment, and then that amount gets credited towards whatever you want to keep out of the 5 items.  If you don't want a single thing, then you lose the $20.  Prices can really vary on the items, but you tell them ahead of time what you are comfortable with, and then you can keep adjusting your comfort level with each fix.  I got my first package today, and here's what was inside:

Sanctuary Rizzo Skinny Ponte Pants $88

Matty M Cashel Silk Detailed Short Sleeve Shirt $78

Natural Life Bowman Hi-Lo Solid Knit Tank $38

Pink Martini Sally Mixed Stripe Dress $108

41Hawthorn Elephant & Tree Charm Necklace $28

I loved the concept, because it made me try on new brands and styles I might not have normally picked at a store.  The skinny pants were pretty awesome, but at that price, and considering I couldn't gain a single pound without them being too small, I decided not to keep them.  The black shirt was cute, but it was too flowy, and I need some definition in my tops.  I kept the coral tank because it fit well and gave a dressier look to a normally casual top.  The dress was totally adorable (pockets, yes!) and fit really well, but I just didn't think the cut up top was flattering on me.  The necklace was a funny addition, because I initially saw it and put it right back in the box.  I was like, "what is this weird thing?"  Then, I decided to at least try it on and, of course, I fell in love with it.  It hangs at a good spot, and it made me think of a couple of pleasing memories.  My favorite quote involves a tree ("Plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit"), and one of my favorite people in the world is currently working on the Surin Project with the Save Elephant Foundation. It was meant to be.  :)

After deciding what I liked and didn't like, I went online to the website and told them which things I'd be returning (they make it easy with a prepaid bag you just drop in the mail).  I also rated and commented on each item they sent, so they can get a better feel for my preferences, and told them how I felt about the prices of the items.  I also scheduled my next fix, for next month.  You can do them as often as you like, so I'll start monthly and see how that goes!  I'm sure there will be some months where I need to take a break, and they're totally fine with that.  You're not under contract. If you want to give it a shot, use this referral link so that I can get credit when you get your first fix!  

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