Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The List Goes On

I can hardly keep up with all the things we have in progress on the remodel of our house, but at least I can mark another item off the list.  Our sunroom (what we use as Dutch's playroom) was previously very stark, uninviting and completely whitewashed.  I'm talking floors, ceiling, walls, shutters - everything - was painted white.  Here's a picture of one of the walls:

We decided it really needed some color, especially if it is currently serving as a toddler's playroom.  Here's what it looks like now:

What an awesome difference!  The design is carried all the way around the room, but it's not overwhelming since we picked such a soothing color.  I like this room so much more now.

Other items in progress right now include a major remodel of Dutch's bathroom.  I'm very excited about that project because it involves opening up a wall and adding a doorway, removing a closet, installing two new granite countertops, installing two new faucets, installing two new light fixtures, painting a cabinet, installing a new mirror, and installing new tile.  It's almost ridiculous how different that area of the house is going to look, but it's definitely going to modernize it.  We're also working on painting all the paneling and picture frame molding in the living room.  So much going on!  One project always leads to another.  I'm excited to share pics as each thing gets done.    

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