Sunday, October 21, 2012

What's Going On

Another busy weekend, but lots of fun stuff happened!  On Friday, Meezy and I traded in our CTS-V for a new Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland.  When we bought the Cadillac, I never would've thought we'd only be keeping it for 2 years!  It was an amazing car, but it just didn't make sense for us for a couple reasons.  One, it wasn't a great family car.  It was really hard fitting Dutch's stroller in the trunk, and it didn't have much cargo space for all his other stuff, so that eliminated it from ever being taken on a road trip.  Two, it was super expensive to own.  It required premium gas, got horrible gas mileage, oil changes were pricey, and buying new tires for it was always very painful.  So, we said a bittersweet goodbye to our fun sports car, and made the jump to a second SUV.  The funny thing is that now we own three Jeeps.  You'd think we'd get a discount for that or something!

Out with the old, in with the new

Mama likes her new ride!

On Saturday morning, I ran another 5K with my sister.  I used the Nike+ app on my phone to track time and distance, and when we finished the race, it only showed a distance of 2.91 miles.  Now, I haven't calibrated it in a while, so it probably isn't completely accurate, but the race did seem a little short.  We got confirmation of this when we saw our time - 29:15.  There's no way we shaved more than 2 minutes off our previous time!  We did run at a slightly faster pace this time, though, and I think the course was probably off by about .1 - .15 of a mile.  So, I estimate our time would've been about 30:30 if the course had been a full 5K.  Steadily improving!

On Saturday night, we got a babysitter so we could go out to eat and catch a show at the Majestic.  We were listening to the Tech game on the way to dinner, and when it entered overtime, we didn't want to leave the car!  After the first overtime period ended, we hustled from the parking garage over to Press Box Grill in Downtown Dallas.  We were able to catch the rest of the game there, and it was pretty exciting!  Wreck 'em! Afterwards, we walked to the Majestic and enjoyed a hilarious show from Louis CK.  It was great to have a date night with my love!

    Cool chandelier and balcony at the Majestic

On Sunday morning, I headed over to my friend Jennifer's house to catch up and meet her little cutie, Evan.  Another friend, Courtney, was also there, so I got to see her precious baby girl, Grace.  It seems like so long ago that Dutch was the same age as their kiddos.  When there were stressful moments at those stages, it felt like time was standing still, and things would never get better.  Now, when I look back at it, it feels like time has moved so quickly, and he grew up so fast.  

Speaking of growing up so fast, here's my big boy taking a ride in the wagon this afternoon.  He absolutely loves being outside and having the wind blow through his hair.  

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Jennifer said...

It was good seeing you and meeting Dutch! He's such a cutie!! We'll have to get together again. . maybe Evan will cooperate a little more. :)