Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Loop

This past Saturday was supposed to be cold and rainy, which didn't bode well for running a 5K with my sister.  But, the rain held off, and we just did battle with the crisp low 50s temperatures.  We ran the Loop 5K, put on by the Dallas Running Club (which we recently joined).  Our goal, as always, was just to finish without walking.  I thought the cold might get in the way of that, but apparently it inspired us!  We felt really good at the halfway point, and actually increased our pace for the remainder of the race.  We ended up finishing in about 31 minutes and 33 seconds.  That's certainly nothing to brag about, but considering I had to stop numerous times in the 5K I ran in April, and finished in about 33 minutes in the 5K I ran in August, it just goes to show that I'm continually improving.  I look forward to these races getting easier and easier in the coming months!

Other fun activities from over the weekend included watching the Tech game at a friend's house:

Love that they have a chalkboard on their pantry door

Looking so spiffy in his button-up! 

And checking out a food truck-a-palooza/carnival being held near my sister's house:

Loved the fact that Dutch got to wear some of his cute winter clothes

  How will I ever say no to this sweet face?

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CGC said...

He is so beyond cute! And I love the chalkboard door too, so want to do something like that but our doors are the 6 panel kind! Sweet chubby cheeks!