Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Week Recap

Another week has quickly come and gone, and of course we were busy!  Meezy and I set up our baby monitor, but it's not your typical run of the mill store-bought item!  Thanks to my husband's wicked smarts, we bought the necessary items individually, and I'm pretty sure it's much better than what any of the baby stores are currently selling (and comparably priced).  First, we bought the Foscam wireless pan/tilt IP camera.  It uses infrared to get good views in the dark, and also has two-way sound. 

Next, we bought the Vizio 8" Android Tablet to use as the monitor.  We downloaded one of the many apps that's compatible with the Foscam camera, and it gives us a great view of the crib, on a large screen, with sound.

We also downloaded apps to our smartphones, and we can view the live feed from there too.  We can adjust the camera's position from any of the devices, and also hear sound or set it up to notify us if there's movement in the crib.  I'm excited to put it to use!

Another advancement in the nursery was the hanging of our little man's initials.  They came plain white from the store, so I added some colored circles to fit with the theme of the room.

On Friday night, we went to a lovely dinner at St. Martin's with our friends Brian, Sharon, Justin, and Stari.  It was French cuisine, which was the perfect preface to our next stop - watching Les Miserables at Winspear Opera House.  I had never seen the play/musical before, but I've heard Meezy talk about it in the past as one he liked, so I was excited to get the chance to see it too.  I enjoyed the show, and didn't realize that I had heard a couple of the songs previously but didn't know they were from Les Mis at the time.

On Sunday, we traveled down to the Midlothian area to spend time with my side of the family.  It also happens to be my Mom's birthday on Christmas, so we had lots to celebrate!  I love seeing my nieces and nephews, because they bring such joy to my life.  It's hard to believe there will be another little one joining the celebration next year, but I look forward to it.  This is our last Christmas without a child, and from here on out - everything changes!  Here's a pic of me from Sunday, at 31.5 weeks.

We're less than two months away!

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