Sunday, December 11, 2011

Catching Up

I feel like I've been running around like crazy lately, but busy is good!  Let me try to catch up on our happenings over the past week or so. 

The glider we had on our registry went on sale for $75 off, so we couldn't pass up the opportunity to get it for a steal!  I ordered it from Target on a Saturday and got it the next Tuesday.  Nice!  We put it together and we're pretty happy with it.  It looks good in the room, and is comfortable.

We were also incredibly grateful to receive an amazing gift from our good friends, Jonathan and Rose.  They bought us the swing and pack and play from our registry.  Can you say generous??  We set up the swing and I just wished I had my little angel already around so I could put him in it!  It's so cute.

And here's what the pack and play looks like:

We also received an awesome package in the mail from our friends in San Francisco, Jimmy and Rosa.  We couldn't help but smile when opening it!

I can't wait for our little guy to be old enough to wear it!

Last Friday I was super busy trying to negotiate a real estate contract, but I was able to get things settled in time to make it to my 3 year old niece's holiday program.  It was quite entertaining!  As much as she loves to sing at home and wants everyone to be quiet so she can be the center of attention, it was unusual for her to sit there during the program and not sing a single word!  Lol.  I guess it just wasn't her cup of tea that day.  She still managed to be a little ham during it, though, and made silly faces towards us in the audience.
After the program, I told Livi that the baby was moving and she could come feel him kick if she wanted to.  She put her hand on my belly and her face lit up when she felt him move.  It was so sweet.  A little time passed and we were eating dinner, and she abruptly got up and said, "I'm going to check on the baby" and walked over and put her hand on my belly.  Talk about my heart melting!  Later that night, we went looking at Christmas lights with her, and she kept us entertained with her wit, as usual.  We drove through a community display of lights, which included a man in a Santa suit at the end, passing out candy canes.  She waved to him, got her candy cane, then made a disapproving look and said, "I don't think he's the real Santa."  What a stinker!  After eating her candy cane, she turned to me and said, "smell my mouth."  Sometimes you just can't explain what goes on inside a kid's head, but it sure does keep me smiling!

On Saturday night, we went to a tacky Christmas sweater party thrown by our friends, Casey and Rachel.  We had nothing sufficiently tacky enough in our own closet, so we had to do some shopping to try and find just the right outfits.  I think we succeeded!

The hubs in a sweater vest and me in a fringy sweater with shoulder pads.  yeah buddy!

Our outfits hurt my eyes when I looked at them, but they were actually quite tame in comparison to what some of the other party guests were wearing!  Haha.  It was a good time and I look forward to starting the planning process a little earlier next year so we can try to be in the running for the prize for the tackiest outfit!

In other news, I passed my glucose test, and this week marks my 30th week of pregnancy!  I'll be going to the doctor for my normal checkup and then I'll be back again to see her every 2 weeks until the 1 week appointments start.  Whoa!  This pregnancy sure is flying by.  I hope I stay just as busy as I have been lately.

Finally, let me use this opportunity to wish my parents a happy anniversary!  Today marks 40 years of marriage for them, and I couldn't be more proud.  They are a wonderful couple, and they have always been amazing parents to me and my sisters.  I am so happy they reached this impressive milestone, and I look forward to the day when Meezy and I can celebrate 40 years too!    

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