Sunday, August 22, 2010

It Was Bound to Happen

Sometimes when I mention an injury I sustained playing sports, people accuse me of being injury-prone.  I don't necessarily think that's the case.  I think it has more to do with the fact that I play sports four nights a week, which greatly increases the probability of injury!  It seems also that my recent injuries were only sustained during flag football games, even though I play three sports in total, so there might be a connection there....  It's not supposed to be a contact sport, but it has turned out that way!  My latest escapade involved a receiver running a route, but turning his head back to look at the quarterback instead of where he was going, resulting in a full-speed collision with me.  It was a guy that was taller than me, so my outer thigh took a direct hit from his knee.  It was quite alarming at the time, but apparently my adrenaline was pumping enough that I played the rest of the game without paying much attention to the pain.  Afterwards was a different story!  My drive home was about 25 minutes, so my leg was in the same bent position for that long.  When I got home and tried to get out of my car by stretching my leg out into the upright position, I thought it was going to buckle!  The severity of the collision was finally kicking in, and I guess the muscle had gotten tight from being in the seated position.  It's been a tender couple of days since then, and I have to say my leg is not a pretty sight.  Take a look for yourself:

   Day One

Day Two

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