Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Date Night at the Rangers Game

Summertime is definitely my favorite time of year, but it is also the busiest for me.  I play on sports teams three nights a week, so it starts to feel like I don't spend enough quality time with my hubby.  Last Thursday was the first night in a while that neither of us had anything on the agenda, so we quickly claimed it as "date night" and started making plans for just the two of us.  I'm a huge Rangers fan, but Jer....not so much.  His philosophy is that he'll only go to baseball games if he's with a large group of friends, or sitting close to the field.  The baseball action in itself will not be enough to lure him there!  Since we just wanted it to be the two of us, I had to find us some good seats.

I got on Stubhub and saw that there were still seats available in the Commissioner's box on the 3rd base side.  We've previously sat in that box on the 1st base side and the vantage point was incredible!  I gobbled them up and we made it a date!  When we arrived at the field, we realized that our seats were a little further away from the dugout than we thought they'd be, but still on the first row, so all was good.  I love being that close to the field.  It makes it more exciting when you always have to be on your toes because you might get beaned in the face with a foul ball, LOL.

The Rangers won the game, and the hubby and I had a great time on our date.  Here are some pictures I shot from our seats.  Enjoy!

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