Monday, December 28, 2009

Kim's Time in America

In one of Kim's classes, she was instructed to create a presentation regarding a life-changing experience.  She chose to chronicle her time with us in America, living as a foreign exchange student.  She put the presentation on a DVD and gave it to us as a Christmas present.  We were so pleased with it, and wanted to share it with everyone.  (It has audio, so turn your speakers on!)  Enjoy!


Unknown said...

That's a really sweet video - so awesome of her to do that, not only for you guys, but for herself too. All of you will have impacting memories for a really long time. Kudos to Kdub for making the video, and kudos to you and Jer for hosting her in your home. Very nice. :)

Mom vW said...

Couldn't hear all of the audio when you played it on Christmas - now to see it again and hear the commentary, it really brought tears to my eyes! What a really wonderful present to you both.

Michele said...

That was an amazing video. What a great present! I admit, I teared up just a little!