Friday, December 11, 2009

Bone Marrow Donation Update 2

I spoke with the NMDP today, and they informed me that the results of my physical were good.  That means the donation is happening!  We set the date for Friday, January 15th.  I should be checking into the hospital really early that morning, and then getting released that evening.  I believe they are telling the boy and his family very soon since we just got the all clear.  Up to this point, they had no idea the doctor even found a potential match in the registry.  Hopefully their Christmas is a little more joyful knowing he's about to receive a transplant.
Right before my donation, the boy will receive high doses of chemotherapy and possibly radiation therapy. It will destroy the diseased cells in his body, destroy the blood-forming cells in his bone marrow to make room for new cells and destroy his immune system so it cannot attack the donated cells after the transplant. The doses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy are much higher than would be used to treat the same disease in a patient who was not getting a transplant, and they may last four to ten days.  Upon completion of the preparatory treatment, he will receive my bone marrow within one to two days.
Keep him in your thoughts the few days before my donation, because I'm sure it will be a stressful experience for him and his family.  I am very much looking forward to January 15th, though, and I hope everything goes as planned.


Little Cash Big Dreams said...

This is awesome! I hope things go very well for the both of you!!! BTW... awesome picture!

DrGilmore said...

I'm so excited and nervous for you! You guys are always in my thoughts! how very special for that family.