Monday, July 20, 2009

What are your expectations?

If you've got children, especially older children, then this post won't mean much to you. However, if you are child-less like me, then you've probably never considered these questions. As part of our preparation for hosting a foreign exchange student, we were asked to fill out an Expectations worksheet. After reading through the whole thing, I’ve come to the conclusion that either 1) We are incredibly laid-back people or 2) Normal host parents are somewhat uptight. Or maybe it’s both. Or maybe something in-between! I’d like you to ponder how you would answer the following questions:

1) What chores are students expected to do?
2) Does student need permission to stay after school?
3) Is there a curfew?
4) Who pays for the student when the family goes out to dinner?
5) Who pays for the student for school activities and sports, when there is a fee?
6) Is the student allowed to have friends visit the home?
7) Will the student be expected to participate in the family's holiday plans?
8) Who sets table, clears table, does dishes, cooks, meals?
9) Are there set days when laundry is to be done?
10) What are the appropriate times for phone calls?
11) Is there a time limit on the computer?
12) Can the student put pictures on their wall?
13) Is there a limit on showers?

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