Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Vegas Vacation Wrap-Up

We took another trip to Vegas this past weekend, but this time we invited my parents along. We stayed in a 2 room Siena suite at the Palazzo. I love this hotel, and not just because they always give me free rooms and free show tickets. (But that does help). This was the first time I've walked up to my suite and had double doors! Haha. Fancy, schmancy indeed!

On Saturday, my mom and I attended the Price is Right Live Stage Show. Our seats were front row, directly beside the stairs where people climbed up onto the stage. That was neat being so close to the action! The show was very entertaining and some contestants actually won prizes.

On Saturday night, Jer and I watched Phantom at the Venetian. Some parts of the play were slow, but the scenery and special effects were superb. I'm still amazed at what they were able to achieve on a live stage. The effects surrounding the massive chandelier drop, in particular, were truly exciting.

We spent Sunday doing a little relaxing and some gambling. On Monday we did more touristy stuff, visiting other casinos and walking along the strip. It was a fun weekend!

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