Monday, March 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dutch!

We had Dutch's second birthday party recently, and it was so much fun!  We decided that it should be a family party, instead of inviting friends too, because our family is quite large in itself! One of Meezy's sisters and her family were in town from Amarillo, so it was nice for them to be there too.  We made it a breakfast gathering so that we didn't have to compete with toddler nap times, and so that Meezy's family could hit the road at a decent hour after the party. The weather was beautiful, so we were able to set up Dutch's bounce house outside. All the kids in attendance got party favor buckets so that everyone could join in on the fun of receiving gifts. Dutch got a birthday cupcake and then I made cookies that resembled donuts, since it was breakfast time!  Enjoy the pictures from that weekend:

  Dutch, with cousins KC and Emma

What greeted guests when they entered

Cupcakes are yummy. (Yes, he got to wear his Thomas pajamas to his birthday party)

I was way too busy to have the whole party look like a pinterest party, but at least I could make some cute cookies!

The adorable poster Dutch's aunt Michal-ann made for him

I think this purchase will pay for itself a hundred times over!

The guests enjoying their favor buckets. I actually catered them to each child, so they were individualized. For instance, Lexie likes Hello Kitty, Bella likes Sophia the First, KC likes Cars, etc, so buckets were filled with stuff they actually liked and no one got the same thing!

Bella and KC enjoying cookies and toys

Olivia and her Monster High bucket

Dutch getting a learning laptop

Yep, it's Thomas!

Everybody loved the new Thomas train!

Olivia liked Dutch's new book

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