Thursday, May 9, 2013

Entry and Game Room

We've been at a bit of a standstill while we waited for our entry and game room floors to be redone.  We haven't been able to move the large game room furniture over from the old house, and we have had to stay out of those rooms completely this week while the crew was working.  I'm so excited that the floors are finally finished now, though.  Those rooms are completely transformed!  Our entry area before was horrible tile, atrocious wallpaper, and "antiqued" doors.  I hated every bit of it.  Check out what I'm talking about:

It's like they were going for a look of chunks of fossils or seashells or something

Why?  Just why?  They even wallpapered over the outlet and vent covers.

They were going for an antique look, but they just looked dingy to me.

I think you can see why I was ready to change everything!!  We opted for 18x18 polished porcelain tile because it was affordable and kind of looked like marble. 

The old stuff was a beast to get up!  

Shiny and new

I painted over the wallpaper with a beautiful green color called Promenade, and we went a bold route by choosing Black Bean for the doors.

  Can you even believe it's the same room?!?  It's so refreshing and modern now.  

As for the game room, it was carpeted and had salmon colored walls.  Here's what it used to look like:

Pretty boring stuff!

Entry looking into game room

We went with a 3" dark wood for the floors because we thought that would look good once a pool table and shuffleboard table were in there.  We still haven't decided what color the walls will be, but I think once we get the furniture in there, we'll be able to figure out what will work.  It's a huge room, so the color is a big decision!

Much more dramatic entrance to that room

I love wood floors!

Once we get the right color on the walls, this will pop even more.

This has definitely been the most exciting thing done to the new house so far.  I am so ready to get the last of our furniture moved over and really start the decorating. We're getting there!

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