Friday, December 21, 2012

My Favorite Retailer

Hands down, my favorite retailer is  No, they aren't paying me to write this post; I just love them that much.  The number of orders we place on that site each year probably borders on ridiculous, even more so around Christmas time.  That's why we have a Prime membership.  For $79/year, we get free 2-day shipping.  If we need something super fast, we just pay $3.99 to get it overnight.  The Prime membership also comes with instant streaming privileges of lots of movies and TV shows.  Our new TV came with the Amazon app, so it's super easy to watch them in the comfort of my living room!

Another reason I love Amazon is their Subscribe and Save feature.  As a mom, I constantly need diapers and wipes.  Through Amazon, I pick the brand and size I want, and they provide it to me at a discounted price because I sign up to receive it on a schedule.  I can pick how often the items get shipped to me, and I can change the items at any time.  I haven't shopped for those items in a store in months!  Pretty simple.

But, let me get to the real reason I'm writing today.  I need to give Amazon major kudos for treating me like a valued customer.  They have this option on some of their items, called the "Low Price Guarantee."  They can offer a refund for a price adjustment if they lower their price within 14 days of it being shipped to you.  That's not unusual, lots of stores do that, BUT they stand out because they will also do that if you find a lower price on other qualifying sites.  Some stores will price match a competitor at the time of purchase, but Amazon will let you do it within 14 days after purchase!  That's cool. 

We bought a Panasonic TV from Amazon in late November, and a couple days ago, Meezy noticed that the price had dropped by $39.  He mentioned it to me before we went to bed on Sunday night, so I told him I'd look into it on Monday.  Well, what do you know, when I researched it on Monday, it happened to be 15 days after the shipping date.  Crap!  If I had just submitted our request for a price adjustment the night before, we would've saved $39.  I hate when stuff like that happens.  Even though I knew their policy was clear, I went ahead and sent them an email just to see if there was any way they could still give us a refund.  I wasn't expecting anything, because I knew we were outside of the allowable time.  To my surprise, they emailed us back and said our request met their qualifications for a refund, and they were crediting us back $39 plus tax.  Bad ass!  I love companies like that.  I will continue to be a loyal customer!  

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