Monday, October 10, 2011

Trigger Happy

Now that I've pretty much got my nursery theme figured out, it's hard not to jump in and purchase every cute thing I see that would fit that theme!  I've done pretty well so far, though, in not going crazy.  I did pull the trigger on an item last night that was just too adorable to pass up.  The hubs was with me, and he said, "just buy it" so that sealed the deal!  Check it out:

How cute is that lotion dispenser??  The nursery has a sink inside the room, so I knew I'd need a few bathroom items that had to fit the theme.  I saw this green frog, surrounded by dots, and knew I had to have it.  My main colors are green and orange, and dots are another central theme, so it couldn't have been more perfect.  I also got the matching wastebasket.  It's starting to come together!

Speaking of the dots theme, here's a reminder of what some of the bedding and window decorations look like:

It's a bit ambitious, but I'm attempting to replicate this design on one of the nursery room walls.  It will be the wall behind the crib, changing table, and dresser.  The other walls will just have a bold orange stripe running horizontally along the middle.  Meezy thinks I'm crazy, but I've got enough time to finish it before the baby comes, and I think it will look awesome upon completion.  Here's the first peek of just the outline of my drawings on the wall, before paint:

This is only one small section of the wall, and it took a decent amount of time, but I'm getting the hang of it.  Can't wait to post more pics as it progresses!

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