Monday, October 24, 2011

Kicking It

I've been feeling little baby Dutch's kicks for a couple weeks now, but Meezy had not had the opportunity to.  Since he's only about a pound at this point, the movements are easier to feel on the inside of my tummy than the outside.  On Saturday morning though, as I was laying in bed, I noticed the kicks were pretty constant and more pronounced than usual, so I gave it another shot and put Meezy's hand on my belly to see if he could feel them. Dutch got in 3 good kicks in the span of just a couple minutes, and Meezy felt all of them.  :)  He said to him it felt like I was just contracting my stomach, but I assured him I had no control over the situation! 

I like getting the little reminders throughout the day that Dutch is moving around and growing.  I get so busy sometimes, or get wrapped up in mundane tasks, and his little nudges are a nice break.  The pregnancy experience is so (understandably) tilted toward the mom's side since the changes aren't happening to the dad's body, but having Meezy's hand on my stomach while our little man said hello made me feel like he was getting some of the experience too.       

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