Thursday, October 6, 2011

Internet Famous

I mentioned last Christmas that my nephew brought fingerstaches to our family get-together as a joke, and we were all good sports and put them on for a family photo.  My brother-in-law added a funny touch by wearing a spiked hair hat, a la NSYNC.  Since my dad already has a real mustache, he put his fingerstache up to his forehead and made himself a unibrow.  I thought that was pretty clever, and the whole picture was hilarious, so I uploaded it to imgur and posted it to reddit.  It quickly made the front page and got a lot of views.  By a lot of views, I mean over 180,000.  Holy cripes!  I can't believe the picture was viewed that many times.

I had forgotten about it since then, until my nephew's classmate recently told him he had seen him on an iphone app.  What??  Apparently our picture was snagged and posted to a few other sites since then.  One of them was Buzzfeed, with the following description. Lol.

That site shows a hit count of about 2,000 views.  It totally cracks me up that people took our photo and submitted it to other sites, and that it's been viewed almost 200,000 times.  Man, I wish there was some kind of compensation for getting this much exposure on the Internets!  Haha. 

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