Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Favorite Travel Item

Last year I purchased some eBags packing cubes, and I have been in love with them ever since.  I bought a 3-pc set with one large, one medium, and one small bag. 

I figured they'd be helpful while traveling, but I had no idea I would end up liking them this much.  I usually have a few different categories of clothing that I take on trips.  There's my everyday clothes, my dressy clothes, my workout clothes, my undergarments, etc.  I can easily separate them in my suitcase by using a packing cube for each type, or combining two similar types into one.  You can fit a lot more items in one cube than you initially think.  Even though the material is lightweight and the top is mesh, I haven't had any problems with ripping, and the zippers are very durable, so no problems with jamming. I don't like unpacking all my clothes when I arrive at my destination, so I pretty much just dress out of the packing cubes each day.  I don't have to search around in my entire suitcase to do an inventory of what items are available to me for the needs of the particular day, I just pull out the relevant packing cube and look through it.  It makes it easy for me to see what my options are, and how many options I have left when thinking about the days left on a trip. 

I have a weird thing with not liking my clothes to touch the shoes that I have packed for a trip.  Keeping all my clothes in packing cubes eliminates this problem.  The cubes are also a great size, so they fit perfectly in my suitcase and stack well.  If you're an organization freak like I am, you get a big smile on your face when everything is in its place and looks good in the suitcase!

Lastly, the cubes can serve as a laundry bag and separator on your return trip.  I don't like my dirty clothes cavorting around with the clean ones on the trip home, because then I feel like I need to wash everything, even if I didn't wear it all.  Now, I separate the dirty and clean clothes into different packing cubes and that makes sorting super easy when I get home.  

I'm sure you think I'm crazy for raving about this simple product so much, but I promise if you get a set, you will love them too!  With all the traveling I'm doing this year, I see an additional purchase in my near future! 

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