Friday, October 22, 2010

Running Update

As I've mentioned previously, I'm training to run the White Rock Half Marathon in December.  By training, I mean that I have a training plan that I'm supposed to be following, but I can't find the time to do everything I'm supposed to!  The plan called for running a 5K last weekend, which I did, but there's quite a few assignments that I haven't done.  The schedule for last week looked like this:

Monday - Stretch and Strengthen
Tuesday - 4 mile run
Wednesday - 2 mile run or cross-training
Thursday - 4 mile run
Friday - Rest or easy run
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - 5K run

And here's what I actually did that week:

Monday - 1 hour of softball and 2 mile run
Tuesday -1.5 hours of tennis
Wednesday - 1 hour of football and 2 mile run
Thursday - 1 hour of football
Friday - Rest
Saturday -5K run
Sunday - 4 hours of tennis

So, as you can see, I'm failing on getting the long runs in.  It's really hard to find the motivation to do them when I have sports scheduled four to five nights out of the week.  I'm doing really active things almost every day, but they're not contributing to getting me ready to run 13 miles.  Luckily, my softball and tennis seasons are almost over, so I should have about 4 weeks to really focus on training on those days.  I'll still have two nights of football, but that's alright.  I need to just make sure I do long runs on the days that I have time to run at all.  I'm hoping to tackle a 7 mile run this weekend, so we'll see how that goes!   

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