Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My April Selection

The Bet
The recipient and amount for our donation this month was selected in a fun way! Some friends of ours, terrbear and stinkle, had mentioned the possibility that they'd try to go the entire month of March without eating out. I told them I thought it was impossible, and, of course, a bet ensued. The terms were as such:

1) Jer and I start with a balance of $150, T & S start with $0
2) Every time that either T or S eats out, $25 gets added to their balance. This means if they go out to eat together, that's $50. Each $25 that gets added to their balance, also gets deducted from our balance.
3) The challenge lasted 3/1/09 - 3/31/09
4) At the end of the challenge, you donate your balance to the charity of the other couple's choosing.

The Results
After 31 days, T & S had eaten out four times, bringing their total to $100. That amount was deducted from our balance, bringing it to $50. I'm pretty impressed that they went the entire month only eating out four times. I have a hard time going one week without eating out four times!

The Selections
Jer and I selected The Hunger Project for T & S to donate to. This organization works towards ending world hunger, not just through hand-outs, but through activities that promote self-reliance. They also recognize the importance of empowering women in their quest and using them as agents of change.

T & S requested that we donate to the Lance Armstrong Foundation. As you probably know, Lance is a cancer survivor, and he uses his experience to inspire and empower others affected by cancer. His Foundation supports local programs that aid cancer survivors, it funds researchers, and it collaborates with many other organizations to address needs and effect change.

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