Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dutch Turns Five

My little Dutch boy celebrated another birthday recently. I feel like this was a big one because now it means he's eligible to start Kindergarten! His favorite breakfast items are chocolate donuts and kolaches, so you can guess what we started his day off with.

Before we took him to daycare, I couldn't resist grabbing a picture to commemorate the day. It's hard to believe I've been his mom for 5 years.

Before his birthday, I asked him where he wanted to have a party and he said Dave & Buster's. That's pretty much his favorite place in the world because he loves playing games and then getting to select toys/prizes afterward. I looked into their party packages and wasn't too impressed. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on the location or their food, because I know Dutch only cared about the games aspect. I also didn't want to invite everyone in his class just for the sake of it, so we opted for a family party with only a couple of his closest friends. That way we could still go to D&B to play games for a while and then head back to our house after for refreshments.

We arrived at D&B right when they opened on a Saturday, so we didn't have to battle crowds. I provided game cards for the kids in attendance and that kept them busy for a little more than an hour. After they redeemed the tickets they earned for prizes, we drove to our house to eat pizza and cake and let the kids play for a while.

Dutch wanted a superhero theme, so I made a Captain America shield out of fruit. 

SpiderMan graced the cake

I always love to display the silly things Dutch said over the past year

Dutch had a wonderful time and I think the adults did too, since most of our kids are getting to the age where they can play by themselves now and we can just hang out and relax! I was happy to celebrate my kiddo's birthday and provide him a fun day with loved ones. He can be a stinker sometimes, but mostly he's our smart, funny, sweet big kid. 

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