Saturday, May 18, 2019

Dutch Goes to Europe - Day 3

It's literally taking me months to write all these posts because life is insane lately! But, I definitely want to get all the details recorded so we always have these memories to look back on.

We started Day 3 by visiting Hoensbroek Castle, which is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. We climbed down into the tiny, windowless dungeon and then ascended some questionably sturdy steps to get to a lookout tower. It's always interesting to set foot in buildings that are hundreds and hundreds of years old, because we just don't find those in my neck of the woods!

After the castle, we drove to Geleen, where Kim's aunt Renee lives. Renee has completely welcomed us into her family and she feels like my own Dutch aunt! She prepared a wonderful lunch for us and we enjoyed spending time with her and her husband Huub. I hope they'll come visit us in Texas soon!

The last activity for the day was a trip to Clip 'n Climb in Sittard. The kids had a blast there! There were so many different awesome climbing walls and obstacles. I should've paid to participate too!

We finished up the day with dinner at an outdoor restaurant in Sittard and then retired to our hotel in Heerlen. More cities in the Netherlands on tap for Day 4, so we had to get some rest!

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