Saturday, July 6, 2013

To Do List

The new house has a never-ending to-do list, so it's nice when we can scratch a couple things off of it. There was an existing light fixture in the breakfast nook that had, ummmm, character? I don't know what you want to call it, but it certainly wasn't my style.

We finally got around to putting up the new one this weekend.  It's modern and simple, and that's all it needed to be.

Dutch wanted to help as well:

I also put together a centerpiece for the dining room table. Our dining room has great windows that face the front of the house, so I knew I wanted something pretty that would be seen from the outside. I'm not an elaborate, over the top person, so this arrangement is simple and tasteful. Again, that's all it needed to be!

The best part is that it cost just around $30. The dining room still needs to be painted, have some pictures hung, and have the curtains replaced. Jeez! I feel like each room has a similar to-do list. When you work, have a child, and have mobility restrictions, the tasks can sometimes seem overwhelming. At least I'm chipping away at them, little by little.

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