Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Game Room Transformation

I know it's been a long time since I've done a post, and I apologize for that!  It wasn't for lack of things happening in my life!  We finally chose a paint color for the game room and decided on the decor.  We also switched up the furniture selection in that we decided to put the poker table (has a solid wood topper when not being used for poker) in the breakfast nook.  This would not only give us more room to move around in the game room, but would provide us with a casual eating area.  I think the room looks awesome, and I am very happy with the choices we made.  As a refresher, here's what the room looked like before:

And here's what it looks like now!

The wood floor looks beautiful, the paint color is appropriate for a game room, and there is plenty of space to move around the pool table.

We've got bar stools for observers and made our world map with the places we've visited the focal point of that wall.

I left the curtains up that came with the house, because I thought they went along with the classy look we were going for.  I might eventually change the rods, but the existing ones will do for now.

In this corner of the room is an awesome built-in feature with cabinets down below and shelving up top.  We thought this would be a great spot for the bar.  There's definitely room to move around back there and mix up some drinks!

In this corner of the room, we placed the yummy popcorn maker and hung the frame that has 6 of the best pictures we've taken on our vacations.

The long wall was perfect for the shuffleboard table.  We mounted our TV above it and didn't hang any other decorations to keep the look simple.


Anonymous said...

hey vanweezy - my wife and i love your game room. we are planning on doing something similar but have a smaller room than yours - yours looks huge!

i'm hoping you can answer a few questions for us:
what are the dimensions of your room?
how big is the pool table - 7' or 8'?
what is the length of the shuffleboard?
where did you purchase your shuffleboard?
where did you get your overhead pool table light?
we like the color you chose, but it looks kind of dark - do you wish you would have gone with something lighter?

thanks much and hope you are enjoying your room!
Steve and Ann

vanweezy said...

The room size is 24' x 17'. The pool table is 8' and the shuffleboard table is 12'. We purchased the bar, pool table, and shuffleboard from Universal Billiards ( We don't have a special light over the pool table - it's just a recessed can light. As for the wall color, I tried a lighter green originally, but switched to the darker color because I felt it looked better with the dark wood floor and the pool table wood and felt. I love it.

Ms Pearl said...

LOVE hour game room makeover! We're in the midst of doing same right now. Just finished wainscot stain - chestnut brown a little darker than your wood floor. Turned out nice but finding the right paint color for remainder of the walls driving me crazy... til I saw yours. Do you mind sharing name of paint color?

Thanks, Pool addict's wife in Houston.

vanweezy said...

Thanks! I can't recall the name of the color, but here is a link to the formulation the last time we got it mixed up at Home Depot: