Sunday, June 2, 2013

More Updates

Gold fixtures - bleh. I'm just not a fan. My house had soooo many of them when we moved in. Slowly, but surely, I'm changing them out. I've bought a ton of new cabinet and drawer knobs, some door handles, and a couple toilet paper and hand towel holders. The jack and jill bath had gold faucets, light covers, and hand towel holders. Something needed to be done! Changing out two faucets could've been expensive and quite time-consuming. I opted for a cheaper and easier approach. Spray paint! I didn't need it to look awesome; I just needed to cover up the gold.  Here's the before pic of one of the sink areas:

And here's the after:

The light switch cover and the hand towel holder were store bought. I went the cheap route because this is a secondary bathroom, specifically one that Dutch uses.  All of the faucet components were spray-painted, however. I have a feeling I'm going to use this method a lot more in the future, since it saves so much money and prevents potential problems that can come from uninstalling and reinstalling something.

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