Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Beautiful Tribute

Earlier in the year I wrote this post about my friends and family answering the call when I asked for help raising money for a worthy cause.  I just realized that I did not give an update on what the money was used for, so I want to take the opportunity to do that now.

Loved ones of Jess and Jared Doss were devastated to learn of the passing of their sweet daughter, Kaitlyn, last December.  Everyone felt helpless and struggled with finding ways to comfort them in their time of unimaginable loss. A couple of their friends came up with the idea to raise money to fund a well in Uganda in Kaitlyn's memory, through the Holden Uganda Foundation. What a beautiful tribute it is to provide health and hope to others, in the name of someone who left us too soon.  Through the help of a lot of generous people, this goal was achieved, and the well was funded!

 "In Loving Memory of Kaitlyn Olivia Doss"

Health and Hope

I am so grateful to my family and friends (who didn't even know Kaitlyn) for helping to make this happen.  It's an awesome legacy in her name, and it will help people every day.  With that said, I have a new plea.  After my friend, Tiffany, graciously accepted my request for help with funding Kaitlyn's well, she decided to embark on a mission to fund a well in the name of her nephew, Lucas, who died before he was able to take his first breath in this world.  If you have a few extra dollars to spare, please consider donating to Holden Uganda in the name of Lucas Paul Stewart.  Go here, click the Donate button, and make sure to select Lucas's name under the Fund.  It costs between $2,000 - $2,400 to build a well, and Tiffany is almost halfway to that goal.  

As an added incentive, if you donate and let me know, I will match your donation, up to $500.  C'mon friends and family, we can make this happen!

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