Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Patience Young Grasshopper

So I got all excited last week, thinking I would be making contact with my bone marrow recipient in the near future.  I had filled out the consent to release information form and thought we were good to go.  Wrong!  Turns out the one year waiting period restarts when you make an additional donation.  The bone marrow procedure happened last January, but then in June I donated white blood cells to the same boy.  So, they are going to make me wait until next June.  Boo!  :(   

I haven't received any additional information about the boy, other than he is doing well.  I presume he is 11 years old now, but that's about all I know!  I have no idea even what state he lives in.  The NMDP did tell me I was allowed to write him a letter, anonymously, and they will forward it on for me.  I will probably do that, but I'm not sure what to say, considering I can't reveal any identifying information!  Oh well, I'll think of something.  Can't wait until June!

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