Sunday, December 26, 2010

Stealthy Daughters

My mom's birthday this year was quite a milestone - 60!  My dad isn't far behind her, and will be turning 60 in 2011.  They also will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary in the coming year.  That's quite a lot of exciting events going on, so my sisters and I decided to get them something extra special on Christmas.  My mom has always wanted to go to San Francisco, but it's not necessarily high on my dad's list of things to do.  So, we bought the trip for them!  That way, my mom gets her wish, and my dad doesn't have to pay for it.  Win-win!  We went ahead and gave it to them now, so that they can decide when next year they want to take it.  We presented them with a check that should cover airfare and a couple nights' hotel accommodation, and just the stipulation that the trip must be taken before their 40th anniversary next December.  We took some video of us giving them the news on Christmas.  Good times!!

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