Thursday, April 8, 2010

Me and My BFF

My best friend Jenn and I have a funny history.  We were friends in 8th grade, kinda drifted apart in 9th and 10th, and then found our way back around in 11th and 12th.  We played doubles together on the school tennis team, and that's probably what helped our relationship develop.  I wouldn't say we were best friends for any of those years, though.  We had a small circle of friends that we hung out with, and we both happened to be in it.  After we graduated and went away to college, we lived in different cities.  We started keeping up with each other via email, and then would hang out whenever we both happened to be back in our hometowns.  It's funny because our friendship grew more after we moved further apart.  The emails became more frequent, and we made more concerted efforts to hang out when the opportunity arose.  When it came time for Jer and I to pick our wedding parties a few years ago, I knew Jenn needed to be a bridesmaid.  (I got to repay the honor to her this past year!)  When we made the decision to move to Dallas, I was very excited to move closer to her.  She gets me.  We have a lot in common, and we always have a fun time together.  Over the past couple of years, we started doing weekly dinner together.  Usually it's just the two of us, but sometimes we invite other friends too.  It's nice to catch up, gossip, vent, and share some laughs.  There are times when we just can't make it work with our schedules for a couple weeks in a row, but we always try to get back on track as soon as possible.  Last night was one of those dinners and it was just what I needed!  We ended up sitting at the restaurant long after the food had been cleared and the bill paid, but we just couldn't stop talking!  I love that girl and I'm so glad she's in my life.

 Way back in 2002

Standing by me on my wedding day

Running a Komen 5K

Honoring her mom, who beat breast cancer

Celebrating our birthdays together
Standing by her on her wedding day

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