Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Birthday, Jeep, and Family Kind of Weekend

I would've recapped my weekend sooner, but going to bed at 7pm on Sunday night and not waking up until 7am on Monday morning prevented that!  My allergies have been raging hardcore, and lots of sleep was just what I  needed.

On Friday morning we packed up all the doggles and headed for Amarillo.  Once we arrived, we dropped them off at Mom's house and then went to Uhaul to pick up a trailer.  We'll call the worker there "Redneck Larry."  Man, Redneck Larry was a trip.  He was an older guy, who was better on the computer than I expected, but still appeared to be somewhat resistant to modernity.  As he entered our info into the system, he complained about how the company made him do all these extra things now that he didn't previously have to do.  "Used to, you could just sign your name and that was it!"  Well, things are a little different these days, Redneck Larry!  When the system asked for the license plate of the car doing the towing, he just entered in random digits and numbers (way too many, I might add). "Doesn't matter," he said.  Then when it asked him to enter the license plate of the car being towed, again just random numbers.  "Doesn't matter."  I bet the corporate office LOVES this guy.  LOL.  Redneck Larry asked us which location we wanted to return the trailer to, and we paused to think about it.  I guess we took too long, so he just said, "I'll mark down that you don't know."  Umm, okay!  I didn't realize that was an option, but thanks to him we can just return it wherever the heck we feel like it.  He asked us if we needed an extra day above and beyond the allotted time, and we said no.  "I'll give it to you for free."  Okay!  Apparently we drove a hard bargain with our original "no," so now we had an extra day for free.  We finished that process and he handed us two complimentary Uhaul pens.  He apologized for not being able to offer us a hat (like the stylish one he was wearing), but they didn't do that anymore.  He used to order tons of hats for his customers, but all he could do now was give us pens.  Whew.  It was a comical experience, to say the least.

Throughout the weekend we were able to spend time with the whole family and eat lots of yummy food.  Diets take a vacation when we're in Amarillo.  :)  For Jer's birthday lunch we ordered food from Coyote Bluff.  That place is the smallest cafe you've ever seen, and it's ridiculously busy at every moment they're open.  Since there's no way they could've handled 12 of us in-house, I called them as soon as they opened (11am) to see if I could go ahead and place our to-go order for pick-up at 1:15.  I figured the more notice we gave them, the better.  The lady's response? "No."  I wasn't expecting that one, so I fell silent.  She finally spoke again and said, "We're already cooking and we've got folks in here, so if you want it at 1:15, call back at 12:45."  She was rather abrupt, so I just said okay and hung up.  I wasn't feeling too great about our odds of actually getting all the food on time if we waited until 12:45 to order it over the phone, so Jer and I just decided to drive up there at 12:20 and place the order in person.  Once we got there, we had to stand outside for a few minutes because the place was too packed inside (and by packed, I mean that there were 30 patrons crammed into an area the size of a 2 car garage).  When we finally got inside, I pulled out my extensive order and started to speak to the waitress and she goes, "You've got to be kidding me."  I told her I tried to call her earlier and she was like, "Yeah, I remember."  Still not sure at this point what I should've done differently.  She starts taking down our order and makes snarky remarks the entire time. "Well, no one else in here is going to be getting any food while we're making your order."  "How do you want this one cooked?  Nevermind, they're going to need to all be cooked the same because this is too much."  To the other waitress - "You're going to have to handle all my tables because I have to devote all my attention to this huge to-go order."  Sweet jeez, lady!  I finally said, "Sorry, I'm just trying to give you business, you know."  Apparently I was inconveniencing her by trying to buy some of her products.  Jer and I moved to the side to wait for our order and recapped how fun of an experience we were having!  LOL.  After the chick realized our order really wasn't that bad, and they could easily manage it, (and it was time to present us with the check) her demeanor completely changed.  Bipolar much?  She was super sweet and helpful and asked us if we needed any condiments, etc, etc.  How convenient!  Despite our experience with her, we left a good tip in hopes it would make it to the cooks who did a great job on our order.

Overall it was a great weekend.  Besides our family dinner and birthday lunch, we got to spend some extra time with Felicia and the kiddos on Friday night, and Cary and Michal-ann and KC on Saturday night.  I can always count on those guys to help me fill my Rosa's fix.  We got the Jeep loaded up thanks to the help of Josh, Cary, and Felicia on Saturday afternoon.  (Note to self - engage the clutch before trying to push a Jeep up a ramp).  I also managed to steal a few more pictures of my adorable nephew, KC.  Enjoy!

Taking it all in!

Oma has the magic touch

A big yawn for Uncle Jeremiah

Daddy learns to multitask (for a few minutes at least....the cake ended up on the floor)

Love this picture!  KC ready for his trip home.

Noah manning the Jeep

The reason I now need a 3 car garage

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