Monday, November 4, 2013

Hutch Makeover

As mentioned in previous posts, the people who owned our house before us loved the antique look. Everywhere you turned, they had used the same color scheme - on doors, on molding, on walls, on the kitchen island, on the hutch, etc.  I think it would've been okay on something here or there, but because it was so persistent, it just made everything look dingy.  We are slowly painting over it everywhere we can, and the latest accomplishment was the built-in hutch in the breakfast area.  My pictures aren't awesome, but hopefully you can see the change from "dirty-looking" to fresh and clean.  I used a cream for the majority of it, with tan as the accent color.  Here's the before and after:

Also, the walls in the kitchen were covered with a weird textured wallpaper.  It was another look that appeared dingy to me, so instead of taking down all that wallpaper, I painted over it with a tan color to make the texture less noticeable.  It is a subtle difference, but definitely an improvement:

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