Sunday, July 31, 2011

First Week with the Germans!

Our former exchange student, Kim, and her brother Mik, arrived in Dallas on Monday afternoon.  They'll be here for four weeks, and we are very excited at all of the adventures that are in store!  First up on the agenda was taking them to Fossil Rim in Glen Rose.  It's a bit of a drive from the north part of the metroplex, but it's always a great time to go there.  Here are some pics of our awesome encounters with the wildlife.  We saw a ton of animals, but as you can see below, the zebras and giraffes were our favorite!

On Friday night, we went to the rodeo in Fort Worth.  Meezy and I had actually never been before, so it was a new experience for us as well.  We enjoyed the show, and had a great time catching up with some friends.  Afterwards we headed over to Billy Bob's to grab some food and watch people two-step!  It was a fun night, and a great way to end the first week.

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