Monday, October 22, 2012

Gotta Love Free Shoes

Ever since I stopped working in an office 5 days a week, many of my shoes have collected dust.  While it certainly is nice to not have to put on anything dressier than jeans and flip-flops most days, it does make me a little sad to not be putting my cute shoes to use.  I haven't bought new shoes in a while because of this career change, but I happily took a trip to DSW recently after being given a $100 gift card.  What's better than new shoes? Free shoes!

Since we're about to enter the days of cooler temps, I decided to buy one pair of shoes that would rival the comfort and convenience of flip-flops, but look good under jeans.  I didn't need them to be dressy, just something I could slide on for daycare trips and running errands, when it's cold outside.  Enter these Privo by Clark's:

I think I'll get a lot of everyday use out of them, and even be able to pair them with certain sweaters for the occasional "slightly dressier than casual" scenario.  Since I still had money left after selecting these, I decided to ignore practicality and just search around for a fun pump to add to my collection.   Enter this pair from The Glass Slipper Collection:

The lace overlay really makes you feel fancy!  I definitely don't need more dress shoes, black ones at that, but when I'm not footing the bill, why not?  Granted, I did exceed the amount on the gift card, but I also had a $10 reward certificate from DSW, so I ended up getting two new pairs of shoes for not much out of pocket!  They also had an incentive where I received a free tote bag for spending over $39.  Jackpot all around!

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