Thursday, October 27, 2011

Smart Cookies

I'm amazed at what you can teach a dog in just a few short days.  We took Casey to get spayed a couple of weeks ago, and we knew she'd need some time away from the other doggles, especially Juneau, during her recovery.  Her and Juneau have a volatile relationship, and we knew her being in pain would just add fuel to the fire.  When she came back home after surgery, we made a point to keep them separate or always make sure one was in a crate while the other roamed free.  Our doggles have never been crate-trained, so they were not too keen on the idea at first.  We had to force them into their respective crates, which was accompanied with lots of growling and resistance, followed by whining once inside.  That behavior occurred for a couple days and then, voila, they figured out it wasn't the end of the world to be in their crate!  Now, all I do is walk over to Juneau's crate in the living room, open the gate, point inside and say, "Juneau, get in your box."  She trots right on over and gets inside!  The first couple times it happened, I couldn't believe my eyes.  She's so agreeable now!  As for Casey, we just make her get into her crate for bedtime.  She's used to crawling underneath our bed and sleeping there, so we knew that forcing her to do anything else, let alone get inside a crate, would be a chore.  To try and make it seem less like a punishment and more like she was just sleeping closer to us now, I put her crate on the large table next to my bed.  After a couple of days of putting up a fight, it almost seems like she looks forward to the crate now!  When I open our bedroom door, she runs to the bed, jumps on it, and stands by the crate (the table is even with our bed and just a few inches away from it).  I lift the mesh zipper flap and usually without me needing to even saying a word, she walks inside.  I zip it closed and she's good for the night!  I can't tell you how pleased I am that they've made such strides in minding us.  This is definitely going to come in handy when we introduce a newborn into the mix! 

Casey and Juneau laying next to each other (during an on-again moment in their on-again/off-again relationship), with Riley in the background

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