Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fancy Schmancy Movie Theater

Meezy and I couldn't come up with something spectacular to celebrate our 5 year anniversary, so we just decided to try out Gold Class Cinemas in Fairview.  We've heard from others that seeing a movie there is really awesome because you get to sit in comfy recliners, you can order food during the movie, and all the seats are reserved.  That sounded good to us, so we bought tickets for Super 8. 

Pro tip: become a member on their website beforehand (it's free), and you'll get discounted tickets. 

We opted for the premium plus upgrade seats, which are larger and fully reclining, further away from others, and come with free popcorn.  When we got there, it was super easy to find our seats, because there were so few in the theater!  We ordered our drinks and dinner and I inquired about the popcorn (my hubby is in love with movie theater popcorn).  The waitress told me it would be coming shortly.  Our food arrived and we gobbled it up (chicken quesadilla - just okay; pepperoni and sausage flatbread - better).  We figured the popcorn was next, even though we kinda thought it would've made a better appetizer than after-dinner snack.  After a while, the waitress came by and asked if we were ready for our dessert.  I told her not yet, as we'd like to eat popcorn first.  She looked surprised and realized that they had forgotten to bring it out for everyone in our section.  Okay, no big deal.  We got our popcorn and then our dessert arrived soon after.  When our waitress came by again to close out our check, she asked if we needed anything else.  Meezy asked for a refill and she said she'd get it.  We never saw her again.  That was kind of a bummer since there was still a lot of movie left.  Oh well.  So, overall, the idea of that theater is pretty cool.  The seats are comfy, being able to eat dinner is convenient, and having smaller theaters with fewer seats is nice.  On the flip side, the food was just okay and overpriced, and our service was bad.  I'm not sure if we'll go back to that theater, but it was cool to give it a shot. 

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