Monday, April 25, 2011

The Vegas Haul

While we were in Vegas, we hit up their premium outlet malls.  I love shopping at outlets because paying full price just ain't my thing!  We got a ton of great stuff, at very affordable prices.  I have 3 weddings on the agenda this year, so I definitely needed some new dresses.  I went to Dress Barn and was surprised to find some really cute stuff.  I learned last year, before another wedding, that Meezy is really good at picking out dresses for me!  That sounds funny to say, but he has a good idea of what will look good on me, and he even persuades me to try new colors and styles that I normally wouldn't.  He's done a great job so far, so I let him take the lead this day as well.  It paid off!  I love every single one of these dresses, and each will be perfect for the respective weddings happening at very different times throughout the year (April, July, September). 

I love this waistline, and the skinny belt is a nice touch.  The super fancy blouse material on top really makes this more than just a casual dress, even though the bottom part is cotton.

This is a flirty, summery dress, in a beautiful green color. There is a tie in the back to cinch up the waist to make it flattering for your particular shape.  The skirt part flairs out a little bit, which makes it even more fun.

Now, this is a dress that I had reservations about.  Meezy picked it out and I was initially skeptical.  I thought it looked a little too sexy and didn't think I'd feel comfortable in it.  I put it on, however, and immediately fell in love.  The all-over ruche look is really flattering, because it hugs your curves but doesn't reveal every bump or roll!  Lol.  I can't wait to wear it, but it will probably sit in my closet until the September wedding, or until my work's fancy Christmas party.  The best part about all of these dresses is that they were $40-$50 each.  That's a steal!  In other words, I recommend giving Dress Barn a look if you need a new dress.

We also hit up the Banana Republic outlet, which is basically my second home.  I will never shop at the regular BR store again, because the stuff at the outlet is just as good, and way cheaper!  I always have rewards coupons there too, which is an added bonus. 

I got this adorable cream-colored sleeveless blouse for thirty-something dollars after discounts.  I picked it out to wear with this khaki-striped skirt:

This one was a little pricier, at over forty dollars, but I think it's worth it since it can be worn casually or dressy.

Meezy got a bunch of clothes too, but I didn't feel like taking pictures of all of them!  The outlet always has their polos and short sleeve button ups deeply discounted, so he added a few more to his collection. 

At White House, Black Market I picked up a couple of adorable camisoles for under $30 each.  One of them will need to be worn under a cardigan because of the spaghetti straps, but the other can be worn on its own with some jeans and heels.  I love the clothes at this store, but the prices are usually pretty expensive.  Gotta shop their sales!


Just so you don't think I'm the only one buying clothes in this household, I'll include one of Meezy's good grabs.  He found a suit jacket and pants for half off at United Colors of Benetton.  This will look really sharp with a light colored dress shirt.

Since we already had to be creative on the way to Vegas because our checked bag was originally 3 lbs overweight, we knew we'd have trouble getting home with all this new stuff!  Meezy needed a new backpack anyway, so we found him one at the Bass store and packed it full of stuff and used that as an additional carry-on.  I'll remember this next time we take a vacation - allow for some "souvenir" space in the bag! 

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