Monday, April 25, 2011

Dear Monday, Stop Sucking

There is lots to talk about after our eventful weekend in Vegas, but I don't have time to write it all down right now.  Those posts are forthcoming.  For now, I'll just focus quickly on why this Monday has sucked!  After getting only 3 hours of sleep on Saturday night (you'll find out why in a subsequent post), I was hoping to catch up a little bit last night.  Instead, my Itunes decided to crap out and require a restore of my Iphone, which caused me to hassle with it for like 3 hours. I didn't end up going to bed until after 1am, and then got only 6 hours of sleep. Needless to say, I was cranky this morning.

Mid-way through the morning, I got a text from my tenant saying they would try to get the rest of their crap out of our house today.  That pissed me off.  (It was supposed to be out last Saturday - more details to come in a subsequent post).

I tried calling my doctor for the second time in five days, because she was supposed to call me back with some test results (no, I'm not pregnant.  More on this issue in a subsequent post).  Her office doesn't answer the phone though; you have to go through the automated system and pick the mailbox you want to leave a message for.  What do you know?  When I got to the right mailbox, it wasn't working and wouldn't let me record a message.  Arrrrgggg.  

I went home during lunch to try and grab just a few minutes of relaxation, but that didn't happen.  I found this instead:

Apparently our dogs are still upset with us for leaving them for a weekend vacation, so they retaliated by trying to destroy the door frame leading into our bedroom (we keep that door closed during the day).  Thanks, doggles!  I also found that they had chewed up the doggy gate we have that guards them from going upstairs.  Add that to the shopping list.

While I was home, I got a call from the lender that we're trying to arrange a refinancing with, for one of our rental houses.  Let me just tell you, when you try to do anything that involves your credit, and you have six mortgages, it will be an ordeal.  No matter how simple the "streamlined refinancing" process is supposed to be, it won't.  There's a billion questions to answer about all our rental houses, even though they're not specifically involved in this transaction, and it gets annoying when you have to answer them twice.  Today's call was about an address that showed up on our credit report.  As I was trying to explain to the lady that the address was legit, my dogs heard a noise outside and started barking like mad.  I ran into the bedroom and shut the door so I could finish the call in peace.  I had to get her to repeat everything she had just said, but we got it straightened out, and I went back in the living room.  I sat down on the couch and tried to remember what I was doing before I got the call.  Oh yeah, I was about to enjoy a delicious brownie.  Hmmm, where did that brownie go?  Sweet jeebus, my dogs ate it while I was in the other room.  Talk about being super pissed off.  That was going to be my only redeeming activity for the day.

It sucks when I feel like nothing can go right.  I just want to throw on sweatpants and hide under the covers. If there's anything I've learned over the past couple of years, though, it's that I can't let little things get to me.  Even though all these seemingly insignificant things are happening on the same day, which makes them seem bigger than they are, I can recognize that they shouldn't bother me.  I can take a deep breath, evaluate each situation individually, and conclude that I'll be alright.  So, this Monday gets a big fat raspberry, and now I'm over it!


Lauren | Palm Papers said...

I get this way too and while I know they aren't big deals in the whole scheme of life - sometimes it's fun to vent for a minute. I hope your tuesday kicks monday's ass.

theWunnik said...

Sorry you had such a sucky day sis! Hope your night has been peaceful

vanweezy said...

Thanks guys! I figure if I just get all the shitty stuff out of the way on Monday, then the rest of the week has to be smooth sailing!