Saturday, April 2, 2011

Because You Can Never Have Too Many

DSW had some great offers in effect the other day, so I took full advantage.  First off, if you spent $74, you could use a $15 off coupon.  Second, March was double points month, so I got extra reward credit for my purchases.  Third, if you were buying madden girl shoes, you got 500 extra points per purchase.  Jackpot!  Here's what I picked up:

 Alexsa Pump by madden girl
These are adorably cute.  I can't wear them that often because of the unique color combo, but whatever outfit I'm able to pair them with will be killer, for sure!

Razcal Bootie by madden girl

These are more of a practical purchase.  They will be cute with some skirts and dresses, but I mainly got them to wear with pants.  I needed some new black boots, and I like that these will be multi-functional.  

Can't wait for them to arrive!  I'm guessing I'll need to select a couple pairs to give away to Goodwill, because my shoe racks are getting full!


tiffany said...

Love the red and black pumps. See, I'm too chicken to buy booties. I guess I'm not giving them a fair chance though. I should try some on at some point!

vanweezy said...

I figured with these booties, even if I don't like them with skirts, I can always just wear them with pants!