Saturday, October 23, 2010

Smiley Faces and Exclamation Points

If I had to label my attitude this weekend, it would probably be smiley faces and exclamation points!  I don't think it's technically correct to use those terms to describe someone's attitude, but it's my blog, so I'm doing it.  Friday night we watched the Rangers/Yankees game with my sister and brother-in-law.  I was a little bummed we weren't actually at the game in person, but I was still pretty dang excited despite that.  I'm one of those people who has been a baseball fan from birth, thanks to my Dad.  He's the person who taught me how to throw, taught me all the rules, coached me in little league, etc, etc.  Since I grew up in Dallas, obviously my favorite team was the Texas Rangers.  I've been to many games - in the old ballpark and the new one.  Begin tangent - My sister Jill and her family are even bigger fans than I am.  Their boys have been lucky enough to attend more games than I can count, and have more player autographs than you would believe.  (They even went to Spring Training last year!)  End tangent. I've cheered the team on through the good years and the bad (mostly bad), and even tried to convert my hubby into becoming a fan.  I think the only reason I was successful was because I bought us great seats to a couple of games over the past few years.  Watching the games on television was not his idea of fun, so I had to lure him in by putting him in a close enough seat that required constant attention to the action!  I've slowly gotten him more and more interested, and it's been fun cheering on "my" team together. 

With that said, this year for the Rangers has been like a return on my investment.  Finally I get to watch my team experience success!  Finally I get to watch my team beat the teams they don't usually beat.  It's been exciting over the years to celebrate a good win here and there, but that's always been done while knowing the Rangers wouldn't be playing in October.  This year is different!  The buzz around the city these past few weeks has been contagious.  Some people complain about "bandwagon" fans who just start caring about the Rangers because they're doing well this year.  I don't care; bring them on!  It's fun to see so many Rangers shirts and hats around my workplace, at the mall, in restaurants, etc.  I lived in Dallas during the Super Bowl wins for the Cowboys during the 90s, and it was such an exciting era.  I remember walking to the end of my street after the big win, holding signs, waving pom-poms (I was 10, give me a break), and cheering while watching car after car drive by honking their horns.  People high-fived passing cars.  Everyone was friends.  Everyone was celebrating a joyous occasion.  It's refreshing to see a city come together like that, even for just one night.  This is why the Rangers making it to the World Series is so exciting.  It's a reason for people of all different ethnicities, religions, political affiliations, etc, to forget all that nonsense for a minute and just celebrate together.  Some teams are so consistently successful, that it's just expected.  Don't get me wrong, their fans are excited after big wins, but they're "used to it."  We're not.  We've got the chance to have another one of those rare, awesome, care-free nights in our metroplex.  If this time it is courtesy of the Rangers, then that is just icing on the cake.

So, besides my elation at the Rangers winning the ALCS, I also experienced a personal achievement today that resulted in smiley faces and exclamation points.  My half marathon training called for a 7 mile run this weekend.  I planned on giving it a shot, but I didn't have a lot of confidence since that would be my longest run to date.  I figured I'd need to mix in some walking with the running to finally reach 7 miles.  Much to my surprise, I got through 3 miles and realized my body wasn't resisting.  I got through 5 miles and realized my legs still worked.  It really, really is a mental game.  I decided I'd just keep going, no matter what, until I reached my goal.  Sure enough, my body was able to meet the challenge, thanks to my head being in the right mindset.  I knocked out those 7 miles and gave myself a huge confidence boost.  I can do this half-marathon.  Six weeks to go.  I can do this!!!!!!!!!    :)   :)   :)             

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