Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's Lighten the Mood

I know I've written some Debbie Downer posts lately, but that's because my life has felt like a bit of a downer over the past couple of months.  Unfortunately, some good friends have had more than their share of shitty times as well (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C).  Enough with that nonsense!  I'm tired of only thinking about the bad things that happen to people.  Let's talk about the good stuff!! 

My sister Jill found out she's having a baby girl in March.  That's fantastic!  She married a man who already had 3 children (who were over the age of 7 by then), and then had two boys with him (from scratch).  She's never experienced raising a girl from birth, so I'm excited for her! 

My friend Kari found out she's having a baby boy in February.  She already has one little man, who just turned 2, so they're excited about having two little boys growing up together close in age.  Granted, they just assured more things will get broken in their house over the next 16 years or so, thanks to double the trouble, but I think they're okay with that!

My sister Jo got a great promotion at work!  She is now the Director of Affiliate Strategy & Planning at Susan G. Komen for the Cure.  She works her butt off, while still being a great mom, so I'm very glad she got some recognition.

So there!  Take that, universe!  You may set us back a few paces every now and then, but we're fighting back with a vengeance.  Oh, and here is your smile for the day - nothing too exciting, just my little chatty cathy niece:


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