Monday, April 26, 2010

Another Busy Weekend...What's New?

Jer and I had a lot on our plate this weekend, but it turned out to be a fun couple of days.  Friday night we decided to visit a BMW dealership to see what our options are when it comes time to buy me a new car later this year.  We still have a few months before we're ready to purchase, but there's no harm in doing our homework early.  (We had tentatively decided that I would get a Cadillac CTS-V, mainly because of its engine, but then figured we should shop around to make sure that was the right decision.)  My brother-in-law, Cary, was ever so nice to recommend a ridiculously expensive, high-performance BMW M5 for our consideration.  I personally think he and Jer should not be allowed to discuss cars, because only poor financial decisions can come from their conversations, but what does a silly female know of such things??  LOL.  The dealership we went to had one certified pre-owned M5 with very low miles on it, so Jer asked to take it for a spin.  It turns out the salesman was a driving instructor, like race-car style, so he actually let Jer really test the car's performance.  I just sat in the backseat and held on to my purse.  I think Jer was probably a little giddy behind the wheel of a V10.  The salesman made him complete this "challenge" where he had to floor the gas pedal from a stand-still, and not hit the brakes until he said so.  Did I mention we were on a short stretch of road that included a fairly busy 4-way stop?  I think I'm allowed to say that Jer didn't do it the first time around.  He started letting off the gas and pressing the brake before the salesman said to.  Can you blame him??  I was freaking out in the back, seeing the rapidly approaching stop sign.  So the salesman made him try it again.  Haha.  We did a U-turn and headed back to the starting point.  Jer floored it again, and this time he didn't depress the brakes until instructed.  I'm not even sure what speed we got up to in that short expanse, but the brakes worked ridiculously well and stopped us in time.  (Meanwhile, I'm feeling nauseated, but I wasn't about to speak up!)  That was probably the most fun test drive Jer has ever been on.  We headed back to the dealership and looked at some of their other, more realistic for us, models.  I've got my eye on the 535i because of all the fancy, schmancy options it has, but I know its engine isn't quite comparable to the M5.  It is the same as what Cary has in his BMW though, so I'm sure Jer would be happy with it.  In case you're confused, it will be me driving the next new car 90% of the time, but it's still gotta be one that makes the hubby happy for that other 10%!            

Saturday morning was the 5K at my old high school.  Leading up to it, I knew that it started at 8am.  For some reason, on the day of, I had a total brain fart and my mind thought it started at 9am.  So I'm sitting at my house at 7:30am, eating some cereal, when Jer walks in the room and asks, "What time does the race start?"  Then it hit me.  Shiiiiiiiiiiit!  The school is 25 miles away from our house and we're not even out the door yet.  Arrgg!  I hate when I do stuff like that.  It's weird because these things NEVER happened to me until just a couple of months ago.  So we hauled ass out the door and headed for the school.  When we pulled into the parking lot, we already saw the crowd of folks at the start line.  We hustled over there and the starting gun was fired.  Oh well.  We hadn't had a chance to check in or get our bibs or timing chips.  We just decided we'd go ahead and run with the main group instead of taking the time to get chipped.  So I clicked on the GPS program on my Iphone and we headed out.  The course took us through the surrounding neighborhoods, so it was really pretty and shaded, but somewhat hilly.  I think we did decently considering we were rushed and didn't have any warm-up.  I clocked our time at 31:07.  That's not great by any means, but it's the best time I've had so far.  I'm looking forward to getting my time under 30 minutes in the near future.

After the race, we headed out to Jer's flag football game in Richardson.  The fields were a disaster, so it turned into a mud football game.  That was annoying, because it just made for a sloppy, sub-par performance from everybody.  Jer ended up pulling a hamstring and having to sit out for much of the game.  Stupid mud.  One highlight of that game, though, was my discovery that one of the guys on the other team had a rat-tail.  Like, for serious.  A rat-tail.  Are there no women in his life that are willing to tell him how ridiculous he looks?  Apparently not.

We spent a little time in Keller on Sunday, visiting some friends from college who were having a housewarming party.  It's always nice to see them, but it's just a bummer that they live 40 miles away.  Their new house is spectacular, and I'm excited that they finally get to move in and enjoy it!  They have wonderful taste, so I plan on stealing some of their decorating/furnishing ideas in the coming years as we do more remodeling to our own house.  :)

We finished up our weekend with softball practice in Irving.  Our co-ed league starts this week, and we all needed to get out there and see if we had any skills!  The weather was beautiful, and it was nice to be out on the field again.  I haven't played organized softball in so long, and even though it's slow-pitch, I think it'll be a good time.  My cleats from high school are still going strong, but my glove has seen better days.  I'm pretty sure one of the doggles got a hold of it, and used it briefly as a chew-toy, so it's probably not worth repairing.  I'm kinda bummed about that because it was my dad's, and it's worn in SO PERFECTLY.  But, alas, I'll put that glove to rest and buy a new one.  Maybe I can pass the new one down to my future kid some day.  :)  Have a great week! 

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