Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taco Salad Thursday

You're not allowed to laugh at this, but Jer and I have a little tradition called Taco Salad Thursday, or TST for short.  There used to be a cafe in my office building that would serve these delicious taco salads, but only one day a week.  When my friend Kari used to work with me, we would head down to the cafe on Thursdays, grab our taco salads, and eat together in the Galley.  Kari has since left my company to take care of her little munchkin, and the cafe has closed due to the loss of a big tenant in my building.  I was pretty bummed about that until I realized that Jer has the same cafe in his office building!    He works only 2 miles away from me, so it's pretty easy for us to have lunch dates.  Most Thursdays I get an IM from him about 11am that says, "TST?"  It always makes me smile.  It's nice to get a break from the office some days, and it's even nicer when that break includes time with my hubby.  I think it's cool that we have this standing lunch date every week.  No, it's not on my diet plan, but I'd rather spend time with Jer than save a few calories!

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Mrs. Coach said...

I love this! it is so cute!