Thursday, February 4, 2010

One of THOSE Mornings

You ever have one of those mornings where nothing seems to be going right, so your best bet might just be crawling back into bed?  Yeah, I had one of those today.  Our dog, Juneau, had a vet appointment, so I decided to put her in the crate for transport since she gets carsick easily.  I opened the back hatch of the Jeep, displaying the open crate that was waiting for her.  What does Juneau do when she sees this?  Jumps into the car right next to the crate.  No, Juneau, I need you IN the crate.  I grab her collar and try to coax her back out, and she freezes.  Her body turns rigid and she makes it clear that she doesn't want to move.  Awesome.  I go back inside and grab a rawhide.  It takes me a few minutes, but I finally entice her into the crate.  We arrive at the vet and walk inside to find a small dog & its owners finishing up at the registration desk.  I get a little hesitant, but I decide to keep my cool and hope that my good vibes rub off on Juneau.  The two dogs sniff each other and say hello, and for a second I think everything's kosher.  Wrong.  The little dog makes one tiny, barely aggressive "sneeze" at Juneau and she explodes.  The teeth come out, the hair stands up, and the barking commences.  I pull her back quickly and try to calm her down.  The elderly owners of the other dog understandably get nervous and I feel like a total douche.  When they finally leave, the nurses focus their attention on Juneau.  First up is getting her weight.  The scale is on the ground, and pretty wide, to make it easier to work with dogs.  Or so you'd think.  Apparently this scale had the black plague on it because Juneau was just not having it.  "That's okay.  We'll just try to get her weight in the back room."  Cool, my kid is the misfit.  We take her back to the exam room and you can tell she's nervous.  The vet can sense her instability and decides it's probably best if they handle her away from me.  (We've come to realize that Juneau acts differently when I'm around.  She's either more insecure or more protective, but it's somehow related to being around me).  While the nurses are drawing blood and giving her a vaccine in another room, the vet comes back in and says, "Wow, she's really riled up."  Yeah.  I know.  When the exam is over, we begin to leave, but quickly have to return to the room since there's another dog finishing up at registration.  (I'm glad my kid is the antisocial one who can't ever be around anyone else).  When the coast is clear, we head to the desk and finish out our visit.  I'm hoping this is the end of my crappy morning, but really it was only the beginning.

Jer has already left for work by the time we arrive home, so I know this means that the other dogs are in the backyard (with access to the garage).  I park out front and begin to get Juneau out of her cage.  As I start walking her to the front door, I realize I don't have a house key.  Yeah, me, the one who always makes fun of people who lock themselves out of places because I thought it was nearly impossible.  See, what had happened was.....Jer has a house key on his keychain.  I have a house key on my keychain.  I borrowed Jer's car today to use the crate, and as I was leaving the house earlier he yelled out, "Don't take the entire keychain because my work key is on there too.  And also make sure and leave me yours since I'm driving your car."  I was already frazzled at that point since Juneau had been uncooperative in getting in the crate, so instead of separating just his car key from his keychain, I left the whole thing there and grabbed the spare car key.  I also left my entire keychain so he could drive my car.  Fail.  I forgot about the house keys being on both of the sets he would now have.  So I stood there for a moment thinking about how fantastic the situation was.  Our garage has an electronic code entry, so I knew I could get inside, but this would mean opening the garage door while two dogs were inside.  FREEDOM!!  is the battle cry I was expecting to hear as surely two dogs would run barreling past me the moment the door lifted.  I decided my best bet would probably be to have Juneau by my side (on a leash) as I opened the door, in hopes that the other two dogs' curiosity would kick in and they would want to see where Juneau had been for the past hour.  Luckily I was right.  The door opened, the dogs started to run out, but they quickly came back in when they realized Juneau was back.  I hurried them over to the back door of the house and hit the garage door closer button as soon as I could.  Whew, the door was closed and all three dogs were safely inside. 

I went into the house to change out of the clothes that were now covered in muddy paw prints.  Deep breath.  It's all over.  I found a set of spare keys so I'd be able to lock the front door behind me.  I went back out front and got the crate out of the car so I wouldn't have to drive around with it all day.  I carried it back in the house and decided to just set it right inside the door in the office and deal with putting it back in its proper place later.  As I set it down, something on the office floor caught my eye.  A nice, fresh pee stain.  You've got to be kidding me.  When did this happen?!?  Our dogs never have accidents in the house because I let them out first thing every morning, and they know to just whine by the back door when they want to go out at other times.  My guess is that, since I wasn't able to let all the dogs out this morning since I was only taking Juneau, Riley couldn't hold it while Jer was getting ready for work.  Flippin' awesome.  Now I'm stuck cleaning up dog pee to top off my wonderful morning.  And what comes after that?  Then I get to go to work ALL DAY.

On a side note, our friends are getting married in Vegas in April, so this was the perfect day to book our trip there.  Done and done.  Nothing like the allure of Vegas to brighten up a crappy day!                       

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